A Review of the vivo V20 – An Affordable Yet High Quality Camera

If you are looking for a smartphone that has all the great features of an iPhone but can’t actually afford one, the Oozie V20 might just be the phone for you. This is a phone that was recently released to consumers in the United Kingdom. It has all the great features of an iPhone minus the price, and that’s really what it is all about. The Oozie V20 is a budget smartphone that comes loaded with almost everything that would make an iPhone user fall in love with it. There is no doubt that if this device can make a budget phone that is just as powerful as the iPhone, then the Oozie can easily sell in huge numbers all over the UK. vivo v20

The Oozie V20 smartphone comes with a sleek and thin 6.4 inch touchscreen screen with capacitive touch display. It has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and has an amazing aspect ratio of 16:9. It’s powered by the same powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 giga-cores and 8 GB of RAM that other smartphones from the same manufacturer come loaded with. It’s also backed by a hefty 2200 mAh battery which supports fast charging. The Oozie V20 also comes with a 12 MP camera with laser Auto Focus and a two-tone flash and has a slim body with rounded corners and a nice front accent.

In the camera department, the Oozie V20 certainly packs a punch. The camera setup is one of the most impressive I have seen on any smartphone. The rear and front cameras are about as good as they get and have decent picture quality. For those who want to do some manual picture taking, you can activate the Selfie mode which allows you to take a higher level of pictures while the camera is on auto focus. I also like that the Oozie V20 can connect to Windows Mobile, AT&T and other GSM providers via GPRS.

In my review, I will not focus too much on the camera quality since it is probably one of the most important elements for you to consider especially if you are planning to use the smartphone on the go. Instead, I will discuss how the connectivity with Windows Mobile goes. With the Zune, Microsoft was the first mobile OS that has this functionality but with the arrival of the vivo v20, carriers are now supporting other platforms including Android and Tizen. This is great news because not only does the phone support Windows Mobile but it also works on the other major operating systems. With that said, you no longer need to buy a separate handset just to be able to access your favorite wireless carrier.

The vivo V20 offers an affordable yet high quality camera. It has a five megapixel front facing camera, although the rear camera has two-megapixel resolution as well. The camera on the vivo v20 is also classified under the category of point and shoot digital cameras which is something that makes it different from the others in the same category. This means that you will get a better image and more features when using the handset compared to other similar products. If you are planning to buy one, I would recommend checking out this review for more information about the product.

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